Forms And Effects Of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a major concern, it not only hurts an individual but on the society as a whole. Substance abuse does not necessarily mean that one is using prohibited substances but come in some forms. Drug abuse can be either due to the wrong application of a particular drug, one not following the necessary prescription and even over applying the drugs. Some of the side effects that substance abuse can bring about are:


Though most patients cannot increase the dosage of a given drug so that they can achieve the desired effect, some of them can intentionally do it, while others may accidentally take the drug more than the dose that they should be taking as prescribed. This can be because they do not understand what they are doing, or it may be done out of ignorance because of thinking that the higher the dose makes their condition to heal quicker. Overdosing of some drugs can lead to some mild symptoms while others can be fatal.

Under dosage

One other effect of the improper use of drugs is under dosage. A patient may want to take particular drugs to cure or treat a particular ailment, but due to not having the right prescription or due to ignorance they end up making quantities that are not enough to take care of the disease or offending the organism or eradicating it altogether. What this simply means is that the disease will progress unnoticed since the drug taken is not enough to prevent it from spreading further. This is not only a waste of resources and time but also if the spread rate of the disease is rapid, it can turn out to be fatal.

Drug resistance

One the other main effect of substance abuse in the form of under-dosage is that the organisms that the individual seeks to destroy gets exposed to the low dosages and eventually develops a resistance to the drug. When this occurs, even if the patient applies higher percentage dose of the same drug in future it may not be able to deal with the disease. This is the main reason why we have not been able to deal with malaria entirely as the organism causing it keeps on developing resistance due to exposure to low drug dosage.


Potentiating disease

From research carried out by health experts, some microorganisms that leave in the human body are harmless even if they inhabit some parts of the human body. The organisms are known as commensal organisms, and in most cases, they can turn out to the pathogenic and may even cause diseases. This happens, when one takes drugs indiscriminately and use antibiotics for a long time hence altering the organisms natural state. This is the reason why it is advisable that one uses antibiotics that have been prescribed by doctors always.

Due to the above effects, it is therefore advisable that one seeks the advice of pharmacists’ or doctors before taking any drugs no matter how intelligent they might think they are.…

Components Of Personal Training


It is no secret that in-house personal training has gained popularity in the recent past; this can be attributed to the fact that many people are becoming conscious of the benefits of being healthy and fit. Personal training is necessary to everybody since this is the easiest way that one can attain their health and fitness goals.

To make sure that you achieve maximum results from the training, you have to ensure that your training has the following components:

Corrective exercises

fgtgyvgghThis aspect of personal training addresses your body posture and how it moves. This particular program has  helped quite a lot people look, leaner, taller and healthier. It is merely achieved by helping the individuals assist them to improve their posture and how they move and hold their bodies.

This is attained by focusing on the muscles that are referred to as mirror muscles. These muscles include the Biceps, Pectorals, and Abdominals. By giving them attention, you strengthen them to attain proper movement. This shift in personal training will help one resolve many of the postural issues. When you have a good posture, then probably you will have a good and better functioning body.

Resistance training

This particular component of personal training in most cases includes traditional strength training. The major goal of this training is to achieve the development of the lean muscle tissues. This is informed by the fact that the human body burns more calories when it has more lean muscles. This is why one is encouraged to put more stress on the muscles when training so that they can stimulate more muscle growth and toning. But you are also advised that you don’t focus on resistance training alone.

Aerobic training

This component of personal training should be done at least daily. Many experts recommend that it should be given at least 30 minutes on a regular basis. Many argue that no matter the goal of your training you should spare some time and incorporate aerobic training in your general plan. During this period you can engage in Boxing, Cycling, Swimming or even Run.

Stretching and flexibility training


This component of personal training not only plays a role in preventing injury but it also enables the body to attain the shape that they want. During most of the personal training sessions, one is put through effective and functional stretching routines. It is usually done at the beginning of the programme and then some stretching at the end.

Nutrition and water intake

How much and how well you eat and drink, and the time that you do it determines a lot the how well you will achieve your training goals. You should always address the area of eating that needs improvement. Always with the aid of an expert determine what is right and bad for you.…