One of the most significant ways that you can use to determine whether you are pregnant or not is the implantation bleeding or implantation spotting. The bleeding takes place when the egg that has been fertilized tries to get attached to the uterus walls. The attachment causes the formation of tissue called trophoblast which may destroy some blood vessels found in the uterus hence leading to the bleeding from the cervix. Sometimes for the first time individuals who have never been pregnant they might take it as a regular period, but the bleeding is lighter compared to the normal periods. If you are wondering What does implantation bleeding look like, listed in this article are some of the signs that you can use to determine whether you are experiencing implantation bleeding or regular periods.

Consider the timing

For one to be able to know about implantation bleeding you should check the period that the bleeding hasbvbnbv come. In most instances, the implantation bleeding comes early than the time you usually experience your menstrual periods. The bleeding may occur as from six days to twelve days after one has conceived. Therefore before concluding whether is it the usual periods or implantation bleeding you should check the time when the bleeding starts.

Examine color of the bleeding

In most cases, the color of bleeding for an individual who is experiencing implantation bleeding is way lighter than the regular periods. The color of the bleed might be pink or brownish for some instances. On the other hand, not all women experience the lighter bleeding; some may have a darker bleeding than their normal bleeding.

Quantity of flow

gffgdhjdjFor you to be able to determine whether you are experiencing implantation bleeding you should check the quantity of the flow. If the flow is low than your normal periods, then that suggests that you are pregnant. Similarly, an implantation bleeding will not have blood clots, and it is not heavy. On the other hand, the spotting always remains light and scanty.

Check on crampings

When you are experiencing implantation bleeding you might have some mild crampings when the fertilized egg is attaching to the walls of the uterus and makes the uterus to change so that it can accommodate the embryo. As compared to the period cramping that is very painful, the implantation bleeding cramping is lighter. However when you experience increased abdominal cramping, then that could be an indication of pregnancy problems like ectopic pregnancy or other medical conditions like bladder infection or appendicitis