Different Functions Of Kayaks You Should Know


Kayaking is a type of water activity mostly for recreational using small one or multi persons boats that are rowed. It is popular to see people taking the sport either in rivers, lakes or even the ocean. For a beginner, it is worth to mention that kayaks have many functions and there is a need for understanding them. Double Kayaks for sale are an excellent consideration for starters so that they can use it with an experienced person. Below are the different uses of kayaks.

Different types of kayaks

Fishing kayaks

gfhfghgfhgfgfhUse of kayaks is common in fishing activities. People do it as part of recreation. Fishing kayaks can either be used in standing or sitting positions depending on how comfortable the user is. Fishing kayaks are used either in lakes or rivers and therefore, they can either be designed for still or running water. While buying a fishing kayak, it is good to ensure that, it can accommodate you and all the fishing accessories that you need to carry.

Surfing kayaks

They are used in either sea or ocean and greatly rely on waves to move forward. These kayaks are modified with some more features that allow them to have great stability in the moving waves. It is also advisable that the user should be experts before trying to use them. The high-performance kayaks used for high waves and great speed. On the other hand, the international standards are the best for starters as they are more stable and usable on low waves with the additional help of rowing.

White water kayaks

These kayaks are purely for maneuverability on the rocky water ways in rough rivers. The users must be highly trained experts who need to gear up like they are going to an ancient war. These protective gear include a helmet, knee and elbow guards and a life safer jacket. In most cases, these white water kayaking is a competition along a rock river with small fall and the person who gets to the finishing line within a short time is the winner.

Sea water kayaks


Although this does not differ majorly from the other types of kayaks, their aim is to have fun while on the sea. The hull is more broad to increase the stability as the waves keep knocking the side. They are fast as their design allows you to have a longer distance per stroke. They are also used in competition where is it common to see the multiple ones that carry from two people and more.