How to Build An Ugly Drum Smoker


The ugly smoker is confirmed to be one of the most healthy smokers to use and even build. If you are a beginner, and you are want to have your ugly drum smoker, then, you will conduct small research and know some of the tools you are required to have. Also, apart from understanding some of the tools that you should have, you are also supposed to know the different options for building these types of drum smokers.

After you have identified the best option to consider, it’s time to know the procedure that you should follow. You can decide to ask some of your friends who have made these drums. They will explain to you the process to follow based on their understanding. Also, you can decide to search on the internet to get the exact information and even procedures that you need. This drum can be used for Smoking Meat Geeks. In this article, we will discuss on some of the steps you are required to follow when building an ugly drum smoker. Here are some of the steps you need to consider.

Tools and parts

OIUYUIYTRFGHJKThe first things you need to ensure that you have are the correct tools and parts. After you have identified these tools, make sure that you look for them and ensure that you know how to use them. Some of the essential parts you need to have include: a lid, drum, Ball valve, shelf clips, bolts or nuts, paint, handles, expanded steel, bailing wire, and smaller grate. Also, you are required to know the quantity of these tools before you purchase them.

Repaint the drum

This is the nest step you are required to consider when building an ugly drum smoker. It is advisable to strip the paint off the drum and then start repainting your drum. There are some of the drums that do not have a removable top. This, therefore, shows that you will end up to cut it out. Even though this step is not necessary, ensure that you have painted your drum if the paint on it is not high-temperature paint.

Insert ball-valve

iuytredcvbThe next step is to cut a hole and insert ball valve. You need to use a 7-inch drill to cut a hole on the side of your drum. Also, your hole should be near the bottom of the drum. When cutting this hole, make sure that you leave enough space for various washers to fit. After you have inserted ball valve, the next tool to add is the cabinet shelving and the thermometer.